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Exclusive Services

These are additional services offered by Dr. Cherese Combs, our Board-Certified Family and Lifestyle Medical Director of Cherry Heights Family Clinic. To learn more about out exclusive services send us a message using the red box below. To learn more about Cherese Click here. 


Also reffered to as SLIT is an alternative way to treat food and respiratory allergies without injections and instead through the use of tablets. The process of SLIT is repeated from three days a week to as often as daily. The tablets will increase your tolerance to the allergen and reduce your symptoms over time.


6 PILLARS of lifestyle medicine

  • Dr. Combs specializes in the practice of the 6 pillars of holistic Lifestyle Medicine and provides consultations, education, and management of the following tailored to you:

  1. Whole-Food, Plant-Predominant Eating Pattern

  2. Regular Physical Activity

  3. Restorative Sleep

  4. Stress Management

  5. Avoidance of Risky Substances

  6. Positive Social Connections

This Practice helps patients prevent, treat, and often reverse disease.



The early stages are a specialty for Dr. Combs as she is Board Certified in Family Medicine from Newborn to Geriatric.

***For New Patients under 13 years of age please schedule an appointment***



Dr. Combs provides Post Bariatric surgery care & monitoring for patients who have had procedures done in or out of the country. She also provides alternative treatments to patients who have gained back weight after bariatric surgery. 

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